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We at Saha & Ray believe that the global marketplace requires professionals who are well-versed with the basics of other disciplines. The adage 'What does he know of law who knows only the law' holds true today more than ever before.

As a firm, we offer a dynamic work environment and challenging growth opportunities to Indian and foreign law graduates. We expect the applicant to have good written and oral communication skills, initiative to learn, ability to work hard, commitment to work, good interpersonnel skills and be up to date with technology.
You can join us either as a qualified professional or under our internship program.
Qualified professionals can apply to us by printing, filling in and mailing to us our Recruitment form or by emailing their Curriculum Vitae to us at recruitment@saharay.com. Law students wishing to apply for our internship program may email their Curriculum Vitae to us at internship@saharay.com at least 6 weeks prior to the period during which they wish to intern.



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