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The members of the firm are extensively engaged in diverse community and social activities such as:

Make a Wish Foundation

It is a voluntary organization set up to fulfill wishes of terminally ill children. The foundation is a non-profit privately funded organization comprising of 15,000 volunteers in almost 100 chapters around the world.

SUR Women Children & Rural Welfare Society

It is a registered society which safeguards the rights of rural women and children of the society. Their objectives include mother and child health care, adult and children education, modern village culture development, training programs for job oriented work knowledge, fabrication / manufacture / sale of handicrafts, medicinal herbs, ceramic tiles and novelties made of terra cotta using fly-ash. They have also organized a road show on the 8th of January, 2005, to collect funds for those affected by the Tsunami.

Knowledge Nett

It is a body of knowledgeable people who have the desire and capacity to impart and disseminate their knowledge. Although many people have knowledge, they are widely spread out and unknown. In order to make knowledge meaningful and useful, all knowledgeable people must be brought together to create the eternal fountain of knowledge where those seeking knowledge can take a quenching dip.

Dignity Foundation

It is an organisation setup to cater to the needs of Senior Citizens. Saha & Ray have rendered support to Dignity Foundation by offering all types of legal services on a voluntary basis.



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